Prayer Themes for Scripture Based Praying of the Word

Praying the Word of God

When you pray the Scriptures, the Word of God back to the Lord, you are growing in your understanding of, and reaffirming, the Covenant that we have God the Father in Jesus Christ. You are praying the will of God, and putting God in remembrance of the things He Himself has said. You are drawing on the wisdom of God that came through men inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Because more reliably than anything else, God’s will is revealed by God’s Word in the Bible.

Click on the themes below to see prayers that have been constructed using the Scriptures that relate to that theme.


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Praying for Others

Suppose we are praying for Michael.

We can also construct prayers of the form:

I pray that Michael will get a revelation that <Insert the Biblical truth here>

For example:

I pray that Michael will understand the width, depth, height and breadth of the vast love of God for him.

Try praying the Word of God for your family, the people you love, the people you are caring for, the people who may be discipling, and people generally.