Praying from Matthew 5:31 relating to Divorce, Marriage, Law

Dear Lord, we come before you with heavy hearts, knowing that divorce is not your plan for marriage. We ask for your guidance and wisdom for those who are struggling in their marriages. Help them to seek reconciliation and forgiveness instead of separation. For those who have already made the difficult decision to divorce, we pray that they will follow the proper procedures and give their spouse a writing of divorce, as it was said. May they do so with kindness and respect, and may your love and grace be present in their lives during this difficult time. We trust in your plan for our lives and marriages, and we ask for your strength and peace to carry us through. Amen.

Verse: β€œIt was also said, β€˜ Whoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorce,’
Matthew 5:31

This is a Command. The verse instructs the reader to give their wife a writing of divorce if they choose to put her away.