Praying from Titus 1:8 relating to Hospitality, Goodness, Self-control

Dear Lord, please help me to be given to hospitality, to open my heart and home to those in need. May I be a lover of good, seeking to do what is right and just in all situations. Grant me a sober mind, that I may think clearly and make wise decisions. Help me to be fair and just in all my dealings with others, and to strive for holiness in all aspects of my life. Finally, give me the strength to be self-controlled, resisting temptation and living a life that honors you. Amen.

Verse: but given to hospitality, a lover of good, sober minded, fair, holy, self-controlled,
Titus 1:8

This is a Command. The verse is instructing the reader to be hospitable, love good, be sober minded, fair, holy, and self-controlled.