Prayer based on Luke 1:52. Themes: Humility, Justice, Power

Dear Lord, I come before you today claiming the promise that you have put down princes from their thrones and exalted the lowly. I thank you for your faithfulness in lifting up the humble and bringing down the proud. I pray that you would continue to work in my life and in the lives of those around me, bringing justice and righteousness to all. Help me to trust in your sovereignty and to have faith that you will always do what is right and just. Thank you for your love and mercy, and for the hope that we have in you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Verse: He has put down princes from their thrones, and has exalted the lowly.
Luke 1:52

This is a Promise. The verse is stating that God has a history of bringing down those in power and lifting up the humble.