Praying from Philippians 1:29 relating to Suffering, Faith, Christ’s mission.

Dear Lord, I humbly come before you, acknowledging that it is only by your grace that I have been granted the gift of faith in Christ. I thank you for this precious gift and for the promise that comes with it. I submit myself to your will and purpose, knowing that it is not only my duty to believe in Christ but also to suffer on his behalf. I claim this promise, knowing that in my suffering, I am being conformed to the image of Christ and that my faith will be strengthened. Help me to endure any trials that come my way, knowing that you are with me every step of the way. May my suffering bring glory to your name and may I be a witness to others of your love and faithfulness. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Verse: Because it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ, not only to believe in him, but also to suffer on his behalf,
Philippians 1:29

This is a Both.

The command is to suffer on behalf of Christ, in addition to believing in him. The promise is that the ability to suffer for Christ has been granted to the reader.