Praying from 1 Timothy 2:1 relating to Prayer, Intercession, Thanksgiving.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you today with a heart full of gratitude and thanksgiving. I thank you for your love, your mercy, and your grace that you have poured out upon me.

Lord, I pray for all men, that they may come to know you and experience your love and salvation. I pray for those who are lost and wandering, that they may find their way back to you. I pray for those who are hurting and broken, that they may find healing and restoration in your arms.

Lord, I lift up all those who are in positions of authority, that they may lead with wisdom and integrity. I pray for our leaders, our government officials, and all those who serve our communities and our nation.

Lord, I pray for those who are suffering, whether it be from illness, poverty, or any other hardship. I pray that you would comfort them, strengthen them, and provide for their needs.

Lord, I thank you for the privilege of prayer, and I ask that you would help me to be faithful in praying for all men. May my prayers be a sweet fragrance to you, and may they bring about your will and your purposes in the world.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Verse: I exhort therefore, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and givings of thanks be made for all men,
1 Timothy 2:1

This is a Command. The verse is commanding the reader to make petitions, prayers, intercessions, and givings of thanks for all men.