Praying from Matthew 6:6 relating to Prayer, Secret, Reward.

Dear Heavenly Father,

As I come before you in prayer, I ask that you guide me to my inner room, where I can shut out the distractions of the world and focus solely on you. I pray that you will be with me in this sacred space, and that you will hear my every word.

I know that you are always with me, even when I cannot see you. I trust that you see me in secret, and that you will reward me openly for my faithfulness and devotion to you.

Thank you for your constant love and guidance, and for the blessings you have bestowed upon me. May my prayers be a reflection of my gratitude and love for you.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Verse: But you, when you pray, enter into your inner room, and having shut your door, pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.
Matthew 6:6

This is a Command. The verse commands the reader to pray in private and promises that God will reward them openly.