Praying from Matthew 13:28. Themes: Sin, Judgment, Parable

Dear Lord, we come before you today with heavy hearts, knowing that there are enemies among us who seek to do us harm. Just as you said in Matthew 13:28, “An enemy has done this,” we ask for your guidance and protection in dealing with these adversaries. We humbly ask that you give us the strength and wisdom to discern who our enemies are and how to best handle them. We pray that you would help us to resist the temptation to take matters into our own hands, but instead to trust in your perfect plan and timing. Lord, we ask that you would gather up our enemies and bring them to justice, but also that you would soften their hearts and lead them to repentance. We trust in your unfailing love and mercy, and we thank you for your constant presence in our lives. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Verse: “He said to them, ‘ An enemy has done this.’“The servants asked him, ‘ Do you want us to go and gather them up?’
Matthew 13:28

This is a Command. The servants are being asked to go and gather up the weeds.