Praying from 2 Peter 2:14 relating to Adultery, Sin, Greed

Dear Lord, please help those who have eyes full of adultery and cannot cease from sin. Please guide them towards righteousness and away from temptation. Help them to resist the urge to entice unsettled souls and instead lead them towards peace and contentment. Please soften their hearts and train them in generosity and selflessness, so that they may become a blessing to others. We pray for their salvation and ask that you bless them with your grace and mercy. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Verse: having eyes full of adultery, and who can’t cease from sin, enticing unsettled souls, having a heart trained in greed, accursed children!
2 Peter 2:14

This is a Command. The verse is a warning to avoid those who have eyes full of adultery, can’t stop sinning, and have a heart trained in greed. The reader is commanded to stay away from such people.