Praying from 1 Peter 5:5 relating to Humility, Submission, Grace.

Dear God, I pray that as a younger person, I may always be willing to submit to the wisdom and guidance of my elders. Help me to clothe myself with humility and to willingly subject myself to others, knowing that this is pleasing to you. May I always remember that you resist the proud, but give grace to the humble. Thank you for your constant love and guidance in my life. Amen.

Verse: Likewise, you younger ones, be subject to the elder. Yes, all of you clothe yourselves with humility and subject yourselves to one another; for “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”
1 Peter 5:5

This is a Command – The verse commands younger ones to be subject to the elder and for all to clothe themselves with humility and subject themselves to one another. The promise is that God gives grace to the humble.